Special Event "Bring Him Close Mastermind"

Even if you're not or rarely talking to him now!

It's bad enough to be heartbroken by a breakup. But the last thing you wanted was not to be in touch with him or only rarely in touch - with things completely different than they were before.

What if he's even seeing someone else?

Believe it or not, this is the starting point for getting back together with him again.

Depending on your situation, I can show you how you may be a lot closer to getting back together with him than you think!

Welcome to a special Bring Him Close Mastermind: What To When You're Not In Touch With Him

This is a series of FOUR intensive live sessions for a small group of women who are all interested in focusing on this ONE particular issue... AND a personal, private one-to-one consultation with me about your situation.

(And if you can't make the live sessions, you will have the recording to keep.)

In this seminar, I will let you know EXACTLY what to do to restore the best possible relationship with your ex - from being on good terms with him again to actually getting back together.

What To Do and What Not To Do Right Now

Why You Need To Keep Your Cool To Keep Your Guy

Know Your Emotional Triggers

Is He Backing Away, But Keeping Tabs On You?

If He Walked Back Into Your Life, Would You Be Ready?

How To Act If You See Him Right Now

How To Ditch Regrets and Let Go

How To Know If You're Pushing Him Away

How To Make It Easier To Reconnect

What NOT To Do When Getting Back In Touch

How To Get In Touch When It's Almost Impossible

What To Say To Him To Increase His Trust In You

How To Smooth Over Past Problems and Reframe Them

The Secrets of Feminine Mystique - the Real Qualities He Won't Find In Someone Else

How To Make Him Want To Be With You Instead of The Woman He May Be With Now

A Note From Mimi About "What To Do When He Won't Talk To You"

There are some times in our love lives when we really hurt, and one of those times is when things have gotten to the point that the man you love most in the world is far from you both emotionally and physically.

Maybe he has just faded away. Maybe he told you it's over. Worst of all, maybe he's seeing someone else.

I hope that didn't happen, but it DOES happen.

Perhaps you have tried to contact him, and have even been met with a cold reply, or no reply... or an inconsistent response!

Yes, maybe he seems happy to talk to you sometimes, and other times, he just doesn't respond at all.

Well, I decided to do something special for this particular unique situation.

This is an in-depth look at your relationship in a way will change it from the inside out....

Because I know one thing for sure: you CAN reframe your image in anyone's mind.

And I'm not talking about superficial, surface change. I'm talking about changing the inside so that it shines on the outside.

Case Study: Jenny, Age 26

"Thanks for helping me to remember what I was doing wrong again, and for reminding me that I am an independent woman worthy of love. There is still a way to turn things around in a relationship."

Jenny got back together with her boyfriend, after several makeups and breakups.

Case Study: Melanie, Age 39

Melanie went from repeated, unexplained breakups men - even though she if physically very beautiful - to now being in a committed relationship that is moving toward marriage.

"Thank you so much, Mimi. When your man feels that you 'get' him, it goes miles farther in building attraction than anything else."

Case Study: Anne, Age 56

Anne went from an endless relationship with her boyfriend of five years... to marrying him last year.

Now her husband says, "I'm not sure why we waited!"

Mimi Tanner's work is loved by readers worldwide. She is best known for her daily email column, and for Secrets of Flirting with Men, Calling Men, and Hard To Get - The Timeless Art of Conquering His Heart.

Yes, you CAN reframe your image in anyone's mind. But it's VERY hard to do that when you and he are not even in touch with each other.

It's even harder to do that when you're not talking to each other - or ended things on bad terms.

That causes a LOT of pain. It makes it tough to move forward, because one feels consumed by regrets!

What is the big secret that no one knows about a lot of people...?

That they're a lot harder on themselves than people would ever imagine!

However, that is not helping your relationship - it's only hurting it.

When you're this way, and you live with any kind of regrets, it can literally eat you alive.

That's no way to live.

So many readers and clients have come to me with this situation. And because of this, I have created an intimate, breakthrough system to set things in motion to have him back with you.

These changes can happen even if right now, you don't know where to start.

However, this is not for everyone. It's only for the people I feel that I'm best able to help. Usually I know that from any past communication we've had, or from the first two days of our being in touch.

These sessions have worked to restore relationships for my clients - and in some cases they result in "getting to the bottom of things" so that my clients know for certain whether or not they want to continue waiting for a certain, particular man.

"Mimi Tanner is simply one of the best when it comes to writing to women on the art of finding and keeping a great man. She has become well-known on a global scale in a relatively short time. Why? Because she covers highly in-demand subjects with a flair and disarming friendliness that is unequalled."

Relationship Coaches Scot and Emily McKay
Hosts of "X and Y on the Fly" Podcasts


Can I ask questions about my situation?

Yes! This includes a private, personal consultation with me that takes place over the phone with pre-consultation emails and follow-up as well.

Will I get back together with my ex?

You and your ex are unique people with a history. No one can say what will happen between two people. But I can tell you that I will change your view of yourself, the vibration you send out to others, including your ex, and I can change things between you and your ex from conflict to peaceful.

I can change his view of you from someone he wants to avoid... to someone he admires again and feels safe talking to.

And as you follow my advice in these sessions and know that he will see you in a completely new light - better than ever.

But most of all, do this for you - not for him. Right now, it's best not to do too much for him.

What day do we begin?

We begin our private consultations as soon as you wish! I will be contacting you within 12 hours after you order.
Our group calls will held starting Tuesday, February 24. You also get the mp3 recordings of the group calls.

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My Promise To You

I'm passionate about the subject of what it takes to make men fall in love with you. The tips in this Intensive must actually work for you. Following the personalized advice in our Intensive WILL work with the men in your life - and you will know exactly what to say and do to handle these sometimes sensitive situations.

You'll know what to do like never before - and these principles will become second nature to you.

Once our consultation process starts, this service is not refundable. Please keep that in mind.

Many women email me and tell me that they listen to my recordings again and again when they need strength and to reclaim their sense of power!

Give your man a chance to step up to the plate during those critical times and CLAIM you.

Every time he does this, he has invested more of himself in you - and this makes a big difference when it comes to STAYING together.

From Women Who Have Experienced This Intensive

"This subject is so timely for me, I had to sign up!"

"This 'Intensive' has been great, it made me a 100% more mature and wise woman! It is a life lesson to read and reinforce when I feel weak and have the tendency to keep on thinking about my ex. It is my love life 'BIBLE'!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my emotions from being hurt again and for making me see the big picture of a real relationship ! I'm looking forward to going through the Intensive again!"

"Thank you so very much. Yes, I do want to be a part of this group. This has been a major issue between me and the man I am totally in love with. I am looking forward to all the valuable information I know I will learn."

"I am very delighted with your new program!"

"Thank you! That is exactly what I wanted. I just wanted to say that I look so forward to receiving your "With Love” e-mails and they have been a consistent positive companion to me. I am even more excited about Get Him Back Sessions!"

"Thank you very much for offering this topic at this particular time."

"Mimi, I am so glad you are giving this special class I want to start by saying how much your advice means to me and to say I know you have saved my dignity! Without your advice, I would be a begging, pleading crazy woman! LOL."

"Mimi, I think that your programs Reverse Ultimatum and Man Mistake Eraser are the best out there. I bought some programs and books from others and have compared them, believe me! :-)"

"Mimi, I'm excited about this as it speaks to my heart and my life right NOW!!"

"Hi Mimi.... I just signed up for the Intensive sessions with you. Can't wait!!"

I can't wait to work with you personally in this intimate program! See you there!