When Your Man Needs A Wake-up Call

When Your Man Needs a Wake-up Call

by Mimi Tanner, Author of The Reverse Ultimatum: Get a Commitment Without Conflict

Men often need a wake-up call when they start to take you and your relationship for granted.

There's no wake-up call like the one where your guy has to face the prospect of actually losing you.

What you have to do is this: allow the possibility that you CAN meet someone. When your life is full of people and interesting activities, meeting new people is a given. It gives you that glow that you absolutely must have in order to make a man fall in love with you.

You meet new eligible love interests all the time. You meet the brother of a new friend. You meet the caterer at a party. You meet new people where you’re volunteering your time.

I'm not saying that you rub your guy's face in this - not at all. But it doesn't take much to make it clear to your guy that you're a desirable woman who is out there meeting people ALL the time.

What does this mean for an uncommitted man?

Don't think he doesn't know it - he really does.

Your man knows that if he drags his feet indefinitely without ever committing to you, you will eventually meet someone else.

In other words, for the uncommitted man, competition is always a possibility. The risk of losing one day you is very real.

Is that a game? No, it's a simple fact of life for any unmarried couple when one of them is too complacent. A “better man” can come along. After all, you are a desirable romantic partner. As an attractive single woman, your life brings you into contact with others who will be interested in you.

If your guy has not yet “claimed” you as his fiancee or wife, this becomes a glaringly obvious fact the longer you two are together.

Your man may have given you ideas about “someday.” But it’s time for his wake-up call:

Your life is moving faster than his commitment to you!

That is one of the main messages that the Reverse Ultimatum sends to your man. Your life is flowing, and he needs to catch up, and catch you, or he will be left behind, because he took you for granted and failed to “claim” you by making a commitment.

The Reverse Ultimatum can get him to 'claim' you - and in the process, you'll intensify the romance and make the memories that will last a lifetime and make your love a truly great love.

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